Healthy Snacks for Healthy Teeth

Healthy Snacks for Healthy Kids

You know that the foods you pack in your child’s lunch are healthy for their body, but how will those snacks and main course items affect their teeth? Preventive dental care is all about warding off oral bacteria and protecting teeth from injury, which is why healthy snacks are an important part of the dental wellness equation. Here are a few go-to ingredients for a healthy lunch.

Go-To Ingredients For A Healthy Lunch

Crunchy Veggies

Crunchy vegetables like carrot sticks and celery act as natural toothbrushes for the teeth, scrubbing away food particles and plaque. Additionally, vegetables are naturally high in fiber and Vitamin C, keeping your child full throughout the day and improving their eye health.


Instead of packing a fruit punch or a soda for your child, pack a calcium rich beverage like milk. In addition to having loads of calcium, a natural mineral that helps bone health, most milk is fortified with Vitamin D, which helps to improve calcium absorption.

Nuts, Seeds, and Whole Grains

Nuts, seeds, and whole grains are filled with fiber and protein, providing your child with a crunchy element to their lunch while keeping them full for longer. Look for whole wheat bread with seeds in it, or pack a pouch of nuts. Keep in mind that since some children are allergic to nuts, you should encourage your child never to share their lunch to avoid sparking allergic reactions in other children.


Fluoridated water helps the teeth to remineralize, while diluting bacterial acids and helping to rinse away food particles. Always pack an ample amount of water for your child’s lunch and backpack, and encourage them to drink frequently throughout the day.

A Stick of Sugar-Free Gum

Gum might not be allowed in class, but packing it in your child’s lunch might give them to keep their teeth clean right after eating. In addition to helping your child to clean the biting surfaces of their teeth in a fun way, sugar-free gum also increases saliva production in the mouth by about ten times, cleaning the teeth after meals.

Schedule Your Child’s Dental Checkup Today!

To make your schedule during the school year a little less hectic, consider scheduling your children’s dental checkups in the weeks leading up to school starting. During routine checkups, your family dentist in Indianapolis can check for everything from early dental decay and chips to incoming teeth and the need for orthodontic care. With a focus on family and a commitment to superior dentistry, Drs. Mikel, Marc, and Don Newman will do everything they can to give your child a healthy, comfortable smile before school starts.

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