Happy New Year from Newman Family Dentistry

Happy New Year from Newman Family Dentistry

Every year only 9% of Americans feel they were successful at keeping their New Year’s resolutions. By February, people begin to backslide because they are expecting to see major results right away. With 2017 underway, let Newman Family Dentistry help you keep your dental health goals. The key to accomplishing your health resolutions is consistency. Here are some habits you can integrate into your daily dental routine as you work towards a more brilliant smile. A consistent dental health routine along with biannual dentist office exams will help keep your smile healthy and brilliant throughout the year.


Brushing teeth morning and night will remove food particles and clean the teeth, making it harder for plaque to grow. To avoid hurting the gums and causing recession, use a soft bristled toothbrush. Brush along all the surfaces of your teeth for two to three minutes using light circular motions. Sticky foods like caramels, taffy, or gummy like candies are some of the worst foods for your teeth. These candies will stick to the teeth, making it easier for bacteria to flourish and ultimately causing cavities or tooth decay if left unchecked. To avoid this, be sure to brush or rinse your mouth soon after consuming these types of foods.


Without flossing, you don’t have a complete dental routine. Flossing works to remove food particles and plaque from in between the teeth. If left to itself, plaque and other bacteria can lead to periodontal disease and tooth decay. To floss properly, take an 18-inch piece of floss and wrap each end around your pointer finger. Holding the floss taut, slide it gently between each tooth using a sawing motion.


Rinsing with mouthwash morning and night can kill the bacteria that create plaque, gingivitis, cavities, and bad breath. Mouthwash does not replace the need for brushing and flossing. Rather, it reinforces the preventive efforts made to keep teeth clean and healthy while immediately freshening your breath.

Regular Dentist Visits

Has it been a while since your last teeth cleaning? Bi annual dental office visits play an invaluable role in keeping teeth healthy. These visits allow your dentist and hygienist to clean and polish teeth while checking for problems.  To get your dental health on track this year, reach out to our dentist office in Indianapolis by giving us a call today. We look forward to partnering with you to help you reach your dental health resolutions this year. From your friends at Newman Family Dentistry, may you have a healthy and joyous start to 2017 and thank you for choosing us as your family dentist.

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